Fly Ash Bricks

Fly Ash Bricks.

Fly ash bricks are lighter than Red clay bricks.

fly ash bricks

Fly Ash Bricks.

Main ingredients include fly ash, water, quicklime or lime sludge, cement, aluminum powder and gypsum. The block hardness is being achieved by cement strength, and instant curing mechanism by autoclaving. Gypsum acts as a long term strength gainer. The chemical reaction due to the aluminum paste provides AAC (Autoclaved aerated concrete ) its distinct porous structure, lightness, and insulation properties, completely different compared to other lightweight concrete materials. The finished product is a lighter Block – less than 40% the weight of conventional Bricks, while providing the similar strengths. The specific gravity stays around 0.6 to 0.65. This is one single most USP of the AAC blocks (Autoclaved aerated concrete), because by using these blocks in structural buildings, the builder saves around 30 to 35 % of structural steel, and concrete, as these blocks reduce the dead load on the building significantly.

Same number of bricks will cover more area than clay bricks.
High Fire Insulation.
Due to high strength, practically no breakage during transport and use.
Due to uniform size of bricks mortar required for joints and plaster reduces almost by 50%.
Due to lower water penetration seepage of water through bricks is considerably reduced.
Gypsum plaster can be directly applied on these bricks without a backing coat of lime plaster.
These bricks do not require soaking in water for 24 hours. Sprinkling of water before use is enough.