how to improve concrete pavers gloss

How to improve Concrete Pavers Gloss

in SRI KRISHNA PLASTO we have developed some technology to improve concrete blocks colors strength and  glossy finishing.  for improve concrete Pavers gloss You need to do every thing in perfect way. Buy Good Quality Concrete Paver Blocks making Machines like Vibro forming Tables ( Vibration table for making Concrete Paver Blocks, Concrete mixing Machine ( we recommend Advance PAN Style Concrete mixing machines  need to work with Low water cement ratio), High Glossy Rubber Mould for Making Paver Blocks, Good Quality Polycarboxylate Concrete Accelerator / Polycarboxylate Concrete Admixtures. OPC Cement,  highly filtered crusher stone dust,  High strength stone aggregate (6mm to 20mm its depending on your mix design).