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Red iron oxide | Red oxide pigment | Red iron oxide uses.


What is red oxide pigment or red iron oxide pigment?

Red iron oxide pigment which is an inorganic compound in nature.

having the general formula Fe2O3 is known as Red Iron oxide uses or Red Oxide Pigment.

There are mainly three oxides of Iron,

Which are as given below:- iron oxide pigment buy iron oxide

  • Iron (III) oxide, having the chemical formula (Fe2O3)
    {It is also known as Iron oxide pigment or Red oxide pigment }
  • Iron (II) oxide, having the general chemical formula (Feo)
    { It is a rare compound }
  • Iron (II,III) oxide, having the general chemical formula (Fe3O4)
    { This oxide is found naturally as the magnetite mineral }

If you see for Iron and steel industry, it is the main source of iron from the mineral Hematite (Fe2O3),

This  Red oxide powder which is Fe2O3, can be easily attacked by acids.

The Iron oxide (III) can be called rust,

and up-to certain extent this label is also beneficial,

as we are well aware of this fact that rust shares several properties but having the similar composition.

But, chemist considers it as a ill-defined material, and it is described as hydrated red iron oxide.

Red Iron Oxide | Ferric Oxide | Red Pigment | Iron Oxide

Red Oxide Powder | Red Oxide | Red Pigment | Buy  Iron Oxide Uses

What are the best uses of red iron oxide pigment?

The red oxide uses are as defined for the various purposes.

The various application of the red oxide pigment are as :-

  1. For Polishing :- The very fine powder of Iron oxide or red iron oxide is known as “Jeweler’s rouge” and also as “red rouge” or simply as “rouge”. This iron oxide uses is used for the final polish on metallic jewelry and lenses, and also as a cosmetic. 
  2. Color :- This red iron oxide powder is used for giving good and durable color to the various construction materials like:- paver blocks, concrete mixture, plastic, and pvc rubber.
  3. Red Pigment :- Red oxide is also used as a source of red pigment under names of “Red oxide pigment”.
  4. In Iron and  Steel Industry :-  The immense application of red iron oxide uses or red iron oxide uses as the feedstock in this iron and steel industry. as :- the production of iron, steel and many other alloys.

What are the various sub types of red iron oxide pigment?

The various grades of iron oxide or iron oxide pigment are as follows :-

  1.  RED OXIDE COLOR PIGMENT SRIO-3130 :- Red pigment is coloring agent for paver blocks, and concrete mixture for giving best color. buy iron oxide,buy iron oxide,buy iron oxide,buy iron oxide,buy iron oxide,buy iron oxide,buy iron oxide,buy iron oxide
  2. RED OXIDE powder 120S :- You can also call it as Ferric Oxide Powder.,red iron oxide uses
  3. RED OXIDE powder 130S :- Red Oxide is the best and gives you quality satisfaction.
  4. BAYFERROX 4130 RED OXIDE PIGMENT :- It is used in Paint, Plastic master batch, Paver Block industry & construction industry. iron oxide pigment  buy iron oxide
  5. RED COLOR OXIDE PIGMENT 130S :-  Iron Oxide Pigment is also known as Red Pigment. By the same token, you can also call it as Ferric Oxide Red Pigment Powder.
  6. LANXESS RO3 RED OXIDE POWDER :- Made in Germany Lanxess R03 Red Iron Oxide uses Color Powder a Quality product of Lanxess.
  7. SYNTHETIC RED OXIDE powder RIO-4130S :- Synthetic Red Oxide powder (RIO-4130S) is the Best Product for Concrete ( Interlocking Tiles Colour) plastic master-batch and Rubber.

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