Concrete Cover Block Rubber Mould


Concrete Cover Block Rubber Mould.

We provide various types of Concrete Cover Block Rubber Moulds and Concrete Cover Block making machines.

its easy to use and helpful in maintains the required distance between Steel Bar (Reinforced Bar) and Shuttering materials.

Which takes over the malpractices in construction to use aggregates in between Steel Bars that’s uneven and creates larger price impacts in future.

The Concrete Cover Block  Rubber Moulds are available in various sizes and shapes starting from 20 mm to 150 mm.

We have in house facilities to customize the Concrete Cover Block design based on the requirement of specific project and clients.

All the material is well tested to Polymer Grades specifications.

We provide a wide combination of high grade concrete cover block making moulds.

our high strength PVC cover blocks moulds available in various sizes and dimensions. in accordance to prevailing Indian standards, which functionally work to provide accurate top spacing and bottom side spacing in your RCC work.

Highest priority polymer and important is given to cover moulds and spacers moulds as they ultimately impact on product quality and durability of High strength RCC structure.