Interlocking Tiles Making Machine VT1025HD manufactures In Delhi,India


Interlocking Tiles Making Machine VT1025HD manufactures In Delhi, India.

Offering a Premium Quality Interlocking Tiles Making Machine In Delhi, India.


We are the top leading exporter and manufacturer of the Interlocking tiles making machine.

Our parking tiles manufacturing machines are best in class.

We have a full range of Tile making mixer machines and Tiles making press machines.

Our product range also comprises of cemented Paving Block Making Machines.

Coloured Concrete Block Making Machines and Hand Operated Color Concrete Block Making Machine.

High-Quality paver block making machine manufacturers in Delhi

also Supply all over India like Bihar, J & K, Assam, Guwahati, West Bengal, Europe, America, All over Africa, UAE, Yaman, Worldwide.

We offer the finest quality Interlocking Tiles Making Machine to our clients.

The machine is used to produce Interlocking Tiles Making by pouring slump concrete into the rubber moulds.

Exported in the markets of Europen, Asian, African, Middle east.

The Interlocking Tiles Making Machine VT1025HD can be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients.


Dimensions of the Interlocking Tiles Making Machine Model No. – VT1025HD in inches given below:-

  • Length 120 inches Approx.
  • Width 30 inches Approx.
  • Height 35 inches Approx.

Electric Power Requirements for this Machine:- 

  • 2HP (horsepower),
  • 3 Phase,
  • 410-440 Volt.

The speciality of our machine, It creates very low noise pollution when the machine is running.

All machines are well design for low Noise pollution.

All Tile Making Machine is designed as per the concrete tiles industrial standards.

that machines widely used in the road construction industry for making paving tiles.

Our All machine range is fabricated using high-quality Steel raw materials.

is well known for high performance, high efficiency, ease of use and high durability.

Our all type of machines can also be customized according to our clients.

machines also design as per their job specifications and are also available in industry-standard specifications.

The following are the technical specifications are given above.

Interlocking Tiles Making Machine VT1025HD

Interlocking Tiles Making Machine VT1025HD.

with a set of machines, you can make 3000 paving blocks in an 8hr to 10 hr shift.

for New paver block plant requirement read the link in the top menu and Footer page links.

We recommend our high Glossy synthetic Rubber paving Moulds for making High Quality concrete paving tiles.


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Disclaimer:- Please Try Sample Before Mass Production and Buying. Be Satisfied With Our Product. Result May Be Different In Some Cases.